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Fascinating Aida
Fascinating Aida

Laughter is definitely the best medicine which is why it is great news that the hilarious trio, Fascinating Aida are bringing their satirical comedy and cabaret act to Scotland. As part of their new spring tour, the women play Inverness, Perth and Glasgow before heading into the Kingdom to play Dunfermline’s Alhambra Theatre in March.

Following sell out shows all over the world, numerous award nominations including three Olivier awards and a Perrier award nomination for their Edinburgh Fringe Festival shows, dvds and nine albums and over 10 million Youtube hits for their now-famous song ‘Cheap Flights’, Dillie Keane, Adele Anderson and Liza Pulman, are celebrating 30 fabulous years together which seems like a prefect time to embark on a brand new tour.

Despite breaking up and reforming a few times over the years and a change of line-up, the group are still going strong and show no sign of slowing down or stopping.

“We enjoy touring together - that’s why we do it - and we’re looking forward to celebrating 30 great years together,” said original founding member Dillie Keane. “The idea of first forming Fascinating Aida sort of fell on me. I had a few girlfriends who asked me to help them from time to time with some songs that they were working on. I also used to work in a local wine bar many years ago and did a few gigs there, so the idea sort of stemmed from that and grew into what is now Fascinating Aida.”

Audiences can expect a mix of a good dose of satirical comedy, singing, cabaret, but more importantly, a lot of laughs. This time round, the three women will be performing some favourite songs including ‘Facebook Blues’ and ‘Down with the Kids’ but also some newly penned hits written last year that will be rolled out for the new shows.

Compiling a tour set list certainly can’t be easy but the girls seem to do it all in their stride. Adding new and relevant songs to the show helps keep it fresh for both old and new fans who have come to see the show. So what else can they expect?

“Audiences who come along can expect the usual glamour and some offensive material from us,” laughed Dillie.“We will be showcasing some new songs and some old favourites that seemed to have stood the test of time. We usually write new material for a show and tour that three or four times.”

“I take inspiration for songs from events that are happening all over the world and read many blogs and news websites to help get material that is topical and that keep the shows fresh and current.”

“Some sketches and songs may not work in different parts of the country though,” continued Dillie. “For example, we have a song about Ofsted which wouldn’t work so well in Scotland but goes down a treat in other parts of the country, especially south of the border.

“The changing of the education system is a big thing in England at the moment but academies mean something completely different in Scotland. It’s great, because it allows us to tweak our shows and mix things up a bit which is always so much fun and shows audiences that we have done our homework and that we put a lot of thought into the shows that we do.”

As well as putting on such a fantastic show that showcases their singing talents as well as their comedy timing, the trio’s tour programme is a great addition. Instead of being picked up in the usual way from the foyer of a venue,for what is normally quite an expensive price tag, it can be downloaded for free from their website. As always included in any programme, is the list of songs and acts from the night but the Fascinating Aida girls always add something special. This time round, Dillie shares with us her recipe for homemade redcurrant chutney, we get an insight to what the girls get up to when they are not on stage, such as a recent visit to South Africa.

The programme also features photos shared by the girls and thoughtful and very funny biographies about the women. It reads more like a newsletter than a tour programme which is exactly what they wanted.

“We like that our fans could just pay for their tickets and don’t have any extra charges. We then had the idea of making our programme downloadable from our website. Printing the programmes can be a bit of a nightmare. You either print too many copies – think of the trees that you would be killing! Or they can sit in a garage or an attic and gather mould and dust for years. We wouldn’t want to turn our fans into hoarders! So we thought we’d do something a bit different to what everybody else is doing. Not bad for a few old girls!” laughed Dillie.

And the girls can’t wait to kick off the Scottish leg of their tour. “We love Scotland and playing here is always a great treat. We’re always greatly received here and it feels a bit like coming home.” We can’t wait to put on a fantastic and glamorous show for all our Scottish fans.

Visit the girls’ website www.fascinatingaida.com for a copy of their free tour programme. The Fascinating Aida are at the Alhambra Theatre on March 29.