A first-time campaign I will never forget ...

Connor Bruce (pictured on the left) along with the other Yes campaigners in Kirkcaldy
Connor Bruce (pictured on the left) along with the other Yes campaigners in Kirkcaldy

A young Kirkcaldy activist has vowed to continue campaigning for an independent Scotland.

First time campaigner Connor Bruce (22) regularly attended public meetings and put in hours leafleting ahead of the Referendum.

He loved being part of the Yes campaign and despite being disappointed with the result, Connor told the Press he will not give up the fight for Scottish independence.

He said: “To say I was disappointed with the result would be a major understatement. I was heartbroken, I am heartbroken.

‘‘But I loved being part of the campaign and it is definitely something I look forward to taking part in again in May and every election after that.

“I was an SNP supporter before the referendum and I will continue to do what I can for the party and for the fight for Scottish independence.

“I want to make sure that next time, if there is a next time, I can go to the people who voted no last week and find out their concerns and make sure those people are voting yes.”

Connor said the local yes campaign was powerful and reached a lot of people.

“We made sure the message of Yes was told on almost every doorstep in the town and surrounding areas.

‘‘The events organised by Marie Penman at St Bryce Kirk were attended spectacularly. The Tommy Sheridan speech made there was one of the most watched pro-indy videos on YouTube.

“There is no doubt that we were part of a team that put Kirkcaldy on the map, sadly not always for the right reasons.

‘‘The egg-throwing incident that occurred on the High Street was the ugliest the debate ever got.”

He continued: “I felt the campaign couldn’t have gone better in Kirkcaldy and the surrounding towns.

“When I got to the Philp Hall at 6.40 a.m on Thursday morning, I was met with the most amazing sight: a queue of people waiting on the polling station to open.

‘‘But these people weren’t queuing outside on a cold morning to save the union, they were standing there to be a part of history.”