A fitting tribute to a poet

Artist Kenny Munro (right) with author Tom Hubbard. Pic: FPA
Artist Kenny Munro (right) with author Tom Hubbard. Pic: FPA

A Kinghorn artist has unveiled his latest artwork - a tribute to the creativity of a Fife poet and his wife.

Kenny Munro’s latest sculpture, at Ravenscraig Park, is based on the stone-poem Stanes by Duncan Glenn, a well-known poet who died in 2008, and his wife Margaret who passed away in 2012.

The stone sculpture features the words of the poem inscribed into the piece .

It also includes a ‘spy hole’ which is deisgned to make it feel you are viewing southern Scotland and the rest of the world.

Duncan was born in Cambuslang, but became an ‘adopted Fifer’ and was known not only as a poet, but as a professor, editor, publisher and a pioneering interpreter of the works of fellow poet Hugh MacDiarmid.

His wife Margaret worked in Fife and contributed to her husband’s work as a proof reader.

Margaret is also credited with keeping the show on the road for her husband.

Kenny believes that his latest artwork is a fitting tribute to the creative couple.

He said: “There are already sculptures throughout Kirkcaldy and Fife which are dedicated to many poets and writers that are from this neck of the woods.

“The poem-stone artwork is a welcome addition to the collection.

“I started the piece last July and it was finished by Christmas time so it didn’t take me long to do at all,” Kenny continued.

The choice of location for the sculpture was easy as Ravenscraig Park was a favourite place of the couple.

“The sculpture is in a great spot on Fife’s Poetry path on the coastal walkway set against the back drop of Ravenscraig Castle and the Fife coastline.

“There is a wealth of traditional verse right here in the Kingdom and it’s great to have a chance to celebrate it.”

Tom Hubbard, poet and co publisher with Duncan Glen, on a number of his books, spoke at the unveiling of the sculpture last week.

He said: “We have a magnificent tribute to a couple who contributed so much to Scottish literature and culture.

“Moreover their work often celebrated Fife - their adopted Fife.

“At the same time, Duncan and Margaret achieved an international reputation for their achievements.

“I’d sum him up by saying that Duncan was ‘myriad-minded’ - a phrase from the poetry of Hugh MacDiarmid,” Tom continued.

“It is fitting that Kenny’s Stane is here, at this precise spot.

“The Glens loved Ravenscraig Park, which is near their home. It really is a perfect tribute.”