A flare for the 70s at glam rock night

Ally Gourlay with some of his Glam Rock memorabilia
Ally Gourlay with some of his Glam Rock memorabilia

A retro-tastic fundraiser for Maggie’s Fife ... so dig out your old outfits and prepare to boogie!

Dust off your flares and pull on your platform boots - glam rock is back and it’s all for a good cause!

K107FM DJ Ally Gourlay hopes to transport everyone back to the early 70s with a night devoted to glam rock called ‘Glitter and Twisted’.

Ally, who is media officer at Raith Rovers, said: “It was the era I grew up in and I think it’s one of the great eras of pop music.

“The album market at the time was full of 15 and 20 minute solos whereas your glam rock was three minute pop, influenced very much by the 1950s rock n’ roll style.

“Plus what made it such a special era was that colour TV was just coming out at the time so you had this great big explosion of colour on Top Of The Pops.

“It was so visual, look at Sparks for example, and the music was just fun.

“It was about having a party.

“It got about a five year run and the music during that period was absolutely astounding.”

Ally decided that all proceeds will go to Maggie’s Fife having been diagnosed with cancer of the oesophagus in March.

“I thought it was a way of giving something back,” he said, “and it’s also two fold.

“It allows me to do something that I love with music I really love and if people don’t like it I can say well it’s all for Maggies!”

Ally, who has been DJing for over 30 years, said that people can expect all the big glam hits on the night including songs from the Bay City Rollers, Alvin Stardust, Showaddywaddy and Mud amongst others.

“I’ll also play some that you’ve forgotten about. I won’t just be playing ‘20th Century Boy’ by T.Rex, I’ll play ‘The Groover’ and ‘Metal Guru’ Bowie won’t just be ‘The Jean Genie’, there’s ‘Rebel Rebel’ and ‘John, I’m Only Dancing’.

“You’re going to get a bit of everything for as much as time allows. And I’ll be playing some Gary Glitter too.

“There’ll be one or two other hits from around that time as well, maybe some of the Motown hits which were very much part of the era also, but nothing after 1975! No disco!

“It’s about giving people who are my age and loved this music a night out like they used to have years ago and hopefully younger people will come along and appreciate it too.”

‘Glitter and Twisted’ is at O’Connells on Friday, August 22 and is £3 at the door.