A+ for Buckhaven Primary

Buckhaven Primary School
Buckhaven Primary School

Buckhaven Primary School and Nursery has received a glowing report following an inspection by Education Scotland.

Among the strengths identified was children’s engagement and enthusiasm for learning, high quality nursery provision, creation of a culture of ambition and success and strong leadership.

The staff of the school were commended for successfully raising standards of attainment and creating an environment where all children are treated with equality, fairness and respect.

Inspectors noted that staff were developing exciting projects which are helping the children to develop a good understanding of the world around them and that the curriculum had been designed to raise standards and reduce disadvantage.

The teaching and learning approaches used were thought to be relevant to children’s lives and capture their interest, while the ‘nuture groups’ were praised for improving children’s wellbeing, resilience and personal and social skills.

The children of the school were also the subject of praise, being described as polite, caring and well behaved. In addition it was noted that the children were keen to achieve high standards and meet their personal targets.

Lynn Dyas, headteacher, said: “I am delighted that the report reflects the many strengths of our school.

“It is pleasing that our whole school approach of raising standards for all was recognised and praised by the Inspection Team.

“Our children were rightly recognised as polite, caring and well behaved. As learners they are motivated to achieve and engage in the life of their school.

“We have identified our areas for improvement, which are focused on our staff team continuing their hard word to build on current strengths, to ensure we continue to provide high quality learning for all of our children.”

Councillor Bryan Poole, education spokesman, said: “This is a great report for everyone involved – the children, their parents/carers, the teachers and the headteacher. I would want to give particular recognition to the teachers and headteacher who day-in-day-out give all of themselves to support the children and encourage them to set high standards and set personal targets.”