A+ for Denend

A CARDENDEN school has received high praise from Her Majesty’s Inspectors of Schools following a recent visit.

A report on the inspection at Denend Primary highlighted a number of strengths including the school’s important place in the life of its community, children’s achievements in creative activities, staff’s promotion of children’s care and their response to pupils’ ideas.

The headteacher, Lorna Palmer, was also recognised for the strength of her leadership and her commitment to improvement.

Pupils’ reading and mathematical skills were praised along with teachers’ planning to support children’s development of literacy and numeracy skills.

The report also revealed that creative and performance skills were developed well and supported by the community.

The inspectors noted that pupils benefited from opportunities to use new technology and gained from taking part in two hours of physical activity every week.

As part of the inspection process, parents and pupils were asked to provide their views of the school.


Parents said that they were very satisfied with the work of Denend Primary and the way the teachers supported their children. They said they valued the headteacher’s responses to their views and suggestions.

Lorna Palmer, headteacher, said: “I am very proud that our report highlights the quality of education being provided at Denend Primary along with the commitment of all staff and the children’s positive approach to learning.

“I am delighted the strong relationship with parents and the school’s very good reputation in the community has also been recognised.


“I am particularly pleased that areas agreed for improvement after the inspection were already on-going developments previously identified by the school and this has been noted by the inspectors - to continue to develop staff roles and involvement in the evaluative work of the school, to develop the curriculum and to continue to raise achievement.”

Councillor Douglas Chapman, chairman of Fife’s education committee, added: “This is a very positive report for Denend Primary and the report quite rightly highlights the imaginative, focused and committed way in which the school is led by Mrs Palmer and supported by her staff.

“The school and the wider Cardenden community should be very proud of this report - it forms a fabulous basis which will encourage the whole school to make further progress and improvement.”