A fresh call to the community

Festive celebrations in 2013
Festive celebrations in 2013

Community leaders in Anstruther hope more people can offer their expertise to make big events in the town extra special in 2014.

In the aftermath of the town’s festive season celebrations, the local community council is appealing for dedicated groups to help carry forward the main attractions of the coming 12 months, such as the floral displays and also this year’s Christmas festivities.

It’s hoped to discuss ideas and make new pleas for support at the next monthly meeting on January 13.

The community council is hoping for a positive way ahead but believes backing from younger people is needed to help organise events.

Treasurer Kate Shearer said a few ideas were in place already, with a desire for more inter-active attractions, but a lot of commitment would be needed from the community to help build them.

A number of organisations dedicated to preserving and enhancing Anstruther’s status existed already and it was hoped representatives from all of them might join the community council in a co-ordinated approach.

Tourists definitely enjoyed seeing the floral displays, said Ms Shearer, so there may be a new focus on them, while there could be a fresh look at the type and location of some of the Christmas events.

The community council also hoped to engage even more in 2014 with Anstruther Primary School and Waid Academy.

The meeting is at 7.30 p.m. on Monday in the Burgh Chambers and members of the public can attend.