A glimpse of a new street ...

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RESIDENTS of a Kirkcaldy street got a glimpse into the future on Saturday, after yellow paint was used to mark out what it will look like come next year.

Locals living on Katrine Crescent in Templehall are taking part in a street design initiative, which will see their street transformed after they indicated what they’d like to change.

The project, which was awarded to Katrine Crescent after residents showed enthusiasm over the idea, enticed more than 40 people out of their homes on Saturday to see how the street will take shape, with staff from Fife Council and Sustrans, who are running the initiative, laying out cones and painting yellow lines to show the future street.


Mark Chalmers, street design senior project co-ordinator, said: “It went very well on Saturday and a lot of discussion took place over the good things we were doing, and some of the things that people wanted changed now they saw it all laid out.

“There are a few adjustments to be made now, but that was the whole point in the exercise - so we could see what things would work and what might need tweaking. I think we got a compromise to suit everybody on the street.

“These are all the small details, and it means we are now getting ready to move onto actually getting in there and changing the street for real come October.”


Kirkcaldy MSP David Torrance was at the consultation on Saturday, where he said the turnout was fantastic.

He told the Press: “I was really impressed by the number of residents who came out on the day. I was also impressed with how the staff there tried to accommodate everybody with any changes they felt were necessary, really taking in the residents’ views.

“I would really like to thank everybody for taking the time to go along on Saturday, it was a very well done consultation and I think people really got a proper idea of what the street will look like once it has been re-designed.

“It would be great to see more residents having a say in the re-design of their streets in the future.”