A good week for the town

Pic Michael Gillen 15/12/2008. FALKIRK. Morrisons Store. Eating Out.
Pic Michael Gillen 15/12/2008. FALKIRK. Morrisons Store. Eating Out.

A GOOD week for Kirkcaldy.

That’s how Invertiel Developments, the company behind plans to bring a new Morrisons supermarket to the town, described the past seven days.

The Scottish Government has told Fife Council’s planning department that it does not intend to “call in” the planning request to give its verdict, leaving the way open for the local authority to make the final decision on granting planning consent for the application.


And a meeting of the Invertiel Regeneration Forum also indicated 100 per cent backing from the local community for the development.

With both Kirkcaldy area committee and full Council having given consent to the project in principle, the plans could now progress quicker than originally anticipated if the conditions laid down can be met.

In a letter to Elspeth Cook, a development manager with Fife Council, the government official stated: “It is not the Scottish Ministers’ decision to intervene in this application by either issuing a direction restricting the granting of planning permission or by calling in the application for their own determination.

“Accordingly your Council is hereby authorised to deal with the application in the manner it thinks fit.”

Joe Noble, director of strategic development with Macdonald Estates, the company behind the Invertiel development plans said: “As the government is not calling in the application, it means that the Council officials will now be released from any constraints that have been holding them back and we will be working with them closely to deliver the consent within a time frame that will hopefully see the store opening sometime

in 2012.

“I don’t see the access arrangements causing any delays because there are alternatives open to Morrisons, and that will be one of the things they will be working with the Council to resolve.

“The regeneration meeting last week went very well and the councillors have asked for an update to be made to the area committee on October 26, which again is very good news for the project.


“Now that the government has passed it back to the Council we will be working on the various conditions to ensure things get underway as soon as possible.

“This is not just good news for Invertiel Developments and for Morrisons, but also particularly good news for Kirkcaldy and for the local economy which will benefit hugely from it in these difficult times.”

Councillor George Kay welcomed the news, saying: “I am absolutely delighted that this decision has been taken by the Scottish Government.

“It will allow us to take the next steps in the process, and I look forward to Fife Council officials working with Invertiel Developments to bring this on as quickly as possible.”