A great new green look in Piper Drive

The children with Glen Housing and FEAT staff showing off the planter
The children with Glen Housing and FEAT staff showing off the planter

The Collydean Community Connections (CCC) project team has been using its green fingers to install a new bench and planter.

Local primary school children took the lead on the actual planting in Piper Drive - in wintry conditions - with plants being donated by Homebase.

The project received funding from the Fife Health and Wellbeing Alliance until that officially came to an end last month.

But Duncan Mitchell, general manager of Fife Employment Access Trust (FEAT) which leads the partnership, is keen for work to continue.

He said: “We have closed this chapter on a high note with the planting of our bench and planter. Whilst this funding ceases, the new playpark in Ellon Park will be installed in late April, so that combined with the planter will leave a legacy for the future.

“We have also purchased the portable golf course for free use by local children and families and have at least one volunteer who is willing to oversee this facility,” Duncan continued.

“We’re also pleased to say that Glen Housing Association will be taking on some of the CCC activities over the coming three years .

“FEAT has been proud to lead this partnership which has brought many benefits to local people, however we will now take a back-seat and Glen Housing will take the lead.

“I’d like to thank residents, volunteers, partners, funders and supporters for their contribution.”