A helping hand for an orphaned otter cub

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A baby otter left pining after losing his mum and his brother is making a good recovery from his ordeal in the care of the Scottish SPCA.

The orphaned cub - who’s been named Tay by the animal charity - was found in woodland known as Back Braes in Newburgh by a dog walker.

He and his brother, both around 10 weeks old, were lying next to the body of their mother.

The tiny siblings were taken to the charity’s National Wildlife Rescue Centre in Fishcross, Clackmannanshire, for expert care but one of the cubs was so weak that he died that day.

Animal rescue officer Robyn Gray said: “The man who found the cubs called us after his dog noticed them lying not far from their mother’s body.

“I was able to catch the smaller cub, who later passed away, fairly easily as he was really lethargic but the second cub was a lot more feisty. While it’s very sad that one of the cubs didn’t survive, I’m glad I was able to help Tay as otters are dependent on their mothers until they’re around a year old.”

National Wildlife Rescue Centre manager Colin Seddon said that Tay was weak on arrival but he is responding to treatment.

“Understandably, he is still quite stressed from the loss of his brother and mother but he is feeding himself which is a very good sign he is already on the road to recovery,” he said.

“We hope to pair Tay up with a cub of a similar age soon as this will help his development. For now he’s doing fine on his own.”