A hoedown for the happy couple ...

Cathy and Roger on their big day
Cathy and Roger on their big day

Guests at a unique wedding shined up their belt buckles and donned their bonnets for the biggest hoedown in town at the weekend.

Country and western dress and music was the order of the day when former Lochgelly Centre and Balwearie High School cook Cathy Fotheringham, a lifelong country and western fan, married her cowboy, Roger Alcock, in Heaton near Newcastle.

And the couple, who met at a country and western music festival, pulled out all the stops in their themed wedding, with even the minister and his wife wearing stetsons, and the couple setting off for their reception, which of course featured a wealth of country music, in a horse and cart.

Cathy (64), who lived for 30 years in Kirkcaldy’s Glen Lyon Road, met Roger, former bass player in Raising Cain, a country and western band, through a mutual friend a few years ago at a festival in Yorkshire. When they met up again at another hoedown in Kelso they hit it off and arranged to meet up in Edinburgh.

A long distance relationship followed before Cathy moved down to be with Roger in the summer.

And because of their love for all things country and western, they decided to make it the theme of their wedding at Heaton Methodist Church on Saturday.

The bride wore a cream and gold Victorian style ruffled dress and flowered bonnet, while the groom arrived at the church in his gambler’s outfit, and there were a wide range of cowboys and saloon girls at the wedding and reception at the Lindisfarne social club in Wallsend.

Cathy explained: “It was love at first sight for us, and our love of country and western music brought us together and helped us bond.

“We wanted our wedding to be fun and for everyone to enjoy it with us, and everyone really got into the spirit of it.”

The couple have both been married before, and Cathy has two sons while Roger has three children.

Jackie Savage, a neighbour of Cathy’s for years, was one of many friends from Kirkcaldy who attended the wedding.

“It was a fabulous event and everyone really got right into it, including the minister and his wife.

“The couple looked fantastic in their gear and Cathy’s dress which was made by a friend was stunning. The wedding meal was buffalo chicken wings, cowboy stew and pecan pie, and many of Roger’s friends who play in bands provided the entertainment.”

Cathy is a member of the Broken Lance country and western club in Thornton which she attended regularly and she and Roger plan to get up as often as they can to meetings.

“We are heading for a festival in Kelso this weekend and we’re really looking forward to it,” said Cathy.