A journey into the past...

Family waiting for a train at the former Largo Train Station
Family waiting for a train at the former Largo Train Station

Locals are invited to take a step back into the past this weekend at a heritage exhibition in Lower Largo.

Organised by local woman Gail Green, this is the fourth event of its kind, but the first to be held in the Durham Hall.

Gail – who is a school support assitant at Lundin Mill Primary School – started the exhibition as a way of providing public access to her vast collection of personal photographs and to give local people access to their own local history.

“My family has lived in Largo for a long, long time, and my great-grandfather actually built a lot of the homes in Largo,” she explained.

“There are a lot of families here who have their own histories and photographs which no-one has ever seen, so this gives locals a chance to view the history of Largo.”

Over the years, Gail has kindly been given a number of photographs on loan to include in the exhibition, and this year she was very grateful to receive a number of images from the son of former local policeman Peter Rodger alongwith extensive research into the images’ content.

Visitors to the exhibition – which is free to attend – can view images which go as far back as the 1800s, and will have the chance to learn about the history of Largo going back even further.

“I do like the pictures of the old streets and buildings, but the pictures of people with who they were and what they did, the personal stories, are the best.”

Gail thanked St David’s Church for the use of the hall and said she was very grateful for its support of the exhibition.

The Heritage Exhibition at Durham Hall, Lower Largo is taking place this Saturday and Sunday from 10.00a.m. - 5.00 p.m.