A new chapter for library

BURNTISLAND residents will be able to access the town’s library, museum and local services centre under one roof if Fife Council plans go ahead.

The move proposed for some time next year, would see the High Street services merged into one building.

Similar projects have already been successful in other parts of Fife as part of the Council’s ‘‘customer management programme.’’

It is forming eight main local offices around the Kingdom, which are complemented by a number of smaller offices and information points in Council buildings such as libraries and other premises, allowing the local authiority to use its buildings more efficiently.

One-stop shop

Diarmuid Cotter, customer services manager, said: “People are changing the way they interact with our services and customers are telling us that they don’t want to visit offices as much.

“In general, we don’t need as many buildings and we’re working through a plan to bring more services together under one roof, so that we can sell some property and stop paying unnecessary bills.

“This has already been succcessful in Inverkeithing and Methil where library, museum and local office services have been brought together.

Extra tasks

“We do plan to do the same in Burntisland in the future, but this will probably be in 2012 and we’ll be talking to customers about the plans as they’re developed.”

The merger could see staff, such as librarians, asked to widen their skills and take on other tasks.

Mr Cotter added: “We are looking at the best way to expand access to council services and listening to our customers to find out how they want to interact with us.

“As has happened in Methil, we are looking at widening the range of skills some of our staff have so they can help our customers in more ways. That way, we can bring more services under one roof.”