A new dawn for Dysart

New Dysart Community Council
New Dysart Community Council

DYSART has a new Community Council.

The inaugural meeting of the new organisation was held last Tuesday, when eight community councillors were appointed to take forward the needs and concerns of the village.

The Community Council will pick up where the old Regeneration Forum left off.

Margaret Ednie, secretary, believes it is the perfect platform to keep the burgh’s plans alive.

She said: “We didn’t want to lose the community group with the regeneration projects coming to an end.

‘‘We thought it would be a good idea to change it over to a Community Council so that we would have a bit more power and be able to apply for grants to take forward more community projects.

Mrs Ednie who, along with husband Glyn has been involved in the Regeneration Forum for the past six years, added: ‘‘Regeneration has seen the whole of the centre of Dysart changed with the new social housing in Fitzroy Square and Fitzroy Street which we were delighted with.

‘‘It was rebuilt in keeping with the surroundings.

‘‘It also saw the creation of the allotments in Ravenscraig Park and the new pharmacy coming to Dysart which has been a major boost for people who don’t have cars to travel into Kirkcaldy.

“The last piece of the jigsaw is the land at Howard Place where the flats came down because they were no longer fit for purpose.

‘‘Ideally we would like to see it used for private housing to bring more families back to the area.

“When Fife Council first put forward the proposals for a children’s home in the area we were not against the idea, but it would have done nothing to help regenerate Dysart.

New plans

The Council said it could be five to ten years before anything happened with the building trade in decline, but we have waited 12 years already.

“When the flats were knocked down they left the area like a battlefield, so we got them to level it off and grass it so it could be used by the children as a play area in the meantime.

“We have been told that the land could be split into smaller plots for builders dto provide a mix of private and social housing, which would be ideal.”

Mrs Ednie said the main aim of the new Community Council was to come up with plans which would be community sustainable to make Dysart into a thriving community once more.

“We want to make the group a place where people can come not just to complain, but to join working groups and have a real say in what they want to see happening in the coming months and years, and we really want to get young people involved to put forward their ideas.

“Some of the ideas that have been coming forward include a gardening group and the possibility of reforming the Dysart Gala which used to be a hugely popular event.