A new look centre for Kirkcaldy Samaritans

Cllr Morrison opens the new centre
Cllr Morrison opens the new centre

Volunteers and staff, past and present, were all invited to attend the opening of the newly refurbished Kirkcaldy Samaritans centre on St Clair Street last Thursday.

Officially opened by the depute Provost of Fife, Kay Morrison, the new addition cost £105,000 and now boasts a larger space better suited for meetings and will also allow staff training to take place there.

The centre now offers the opportunity for people to pop in for a chat if they prefer to do so.

The extension took close to two years to complete with the help of local building firms and other businesses donating their time and services.

Volunteers and staff are happy with the finished result.

Mike Anderson, who helped with the planning of the extension, said: “It is greatly welcomed by everyone involved here at the Kirkcaldy branch.

“Compared to what we had previously which was really just a small room, it’s a vast improvement. Preparations for the project began back in 2012 and now that it has finally been completed, it’s fantastic to see it progress from what was just an idea to the end 
result which we have now.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank those that were the real driving force behind making it a great success.”

Depute Provost Kay Morrison said: “I am so pleased to be here and it is an honour to be the one to declare the new and improved centre open.

“ It will allow the branch to add to what it has achieved already. I am so glad that all the hard work and planning by all those involved has finally paid off.”