A picture of fouling

Members of Cleaner Kinghorn prepare poster images for their latest campaign against dog fouling
Members of Cleaner Kinghorn prepare poster images for their latest campaign against dog fouling

POWERFUL images are set to be used in Kinghorn in a bid to tackle a problem which continues to blight the village.

Members of Cleaner Kinghorn, a working group of the Community Council, are preparing to launch a hard-hitting campaign against dog fouling later this month.

The issue of irresponsible dog owners allowing their pets to foul in the streets, on the beach and in public green spaces without picking up the mess has been a problem in the village for sometime.


The community council has now commissioned a series of photographs to be made into signs and banners in a bid to encourage people to follow the campaign’s slogan, ‘bag it, tie it, bin it’.

The campaign was inspired by a similar project in Falkirk and the images will feature local residents at well-known locations in the village and show the consequences for others of dogs’ mess being left lying around.

There are also pictures of responsible dog owners and their pets to encourage others to follow their lead.


Suzanne Gilfeather, a member of Cleaner Kinghorn, said: “The problem of irresponsible dog owners who won’t clean up is beyond a joke, we have award winning beaches, beautiful coastal/country walks, even school playing fields used as a dog toilet by lazy owners.

“Although Fife Council has a good record of fining culprits, we can’t expect to fine our way out of this problem so Kinghorn Community Council reckoned a new, long term approach to tackle attitudes and education was due.

“We applied to Kirkcaldy Area Neighbourhood Engagement Scheme (KANES) for funding for signage and a large mural designed by local children to confront the problem.

“Working with the local primary school, our aim is to confront the selfish behaviour of a few dog owners head on, with a powerful campaign to hit home about who their behaviour affects, how socially unacceptable it is and how the majority of dog owners are totally scunnered by them too.”

The schoolchildren performed a rap about dog fouling at the KANES event and are designing posters to be put up around the village, as well as working on the mural.

An exhibition to reveal all the images in the campaign will be held in the coming weeks before the banners and posters will be put in place at prominent locations around the village.