A poetic farewell message from Kevin

Kevin Streeter with, from left, stepson Jordan Black, wife Evie, and, right, Jordan's girlfriend Sarah Hutchison
Kevin Streeter with, from left, stepson Jordan Black, wife Evie, and, right, Jordan's girlfriend Sarah Hutchison

Courageous Kevin Streeter stayed focused on his desire to help other people right up to the last.

His rhyming online bid to assist charities – including the East Neuk Wheelchair Appeal – has become a fitting epitaph, following his death in Sussex on Saturday after a four-year battle with cancer.

He was part of one of the East Neuk’s best known fund-raising families and a dedicated campaigner in his own right to help others in need.

Kevin, who was 60, was a prolific supporter of the East Neuk Wheelchair Appeal over the last quarter of a century and recently launched a Virgin Just Giving page to raise money for it, along with Cancer Research.

A poem he wrote eight years ago to his wife Evie – sister of Wheelchair Appeal figurehead Eleanor Bowman – was turned by his friend Aidan Tigwell into a song, which has become a You Tube hit.

And with Kevin’s passing, his family hope it will resonate even more with local people and encourage further support for the causes which he treasured.

Kevin, of Battle in East Sussex, penned the verse in 2006 to celebrate life with Evie, his wife for the last six years.

Evie was the widow of East Neuk man Brian Black, whose life was also claimed by cancer, in 2003, aged just 43.

Kevin was a supporter of charities in his home area of Hastings and first met Evie and other members of her family in 1990 on a trip to Anstruther.

He used to visit regularly with friends who supported the Peter Allis Masters golf charity and also for the sports dinners run at the Craw’s Nest Hotel by Eleanor Bowman and her team.

Kevin, a car sales boss with Volvo, was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2010, despite having never smoked, but remained very positive despite a worsening condition, said his relatives.

Evie’s son, Jordan Black, himself a major fund-raiser for Marie Curie Cancer Care through a series of bike rides at home and abroad in the mid-2000s, said his stepdad was a very inspirational figure and had helped him a great deal after his father’s death.

“Kevin was a charity man,” he added. “He used to run his own charity golf tournament in East Sussex, again raising money for kids who needed powered chairs – like Eleanor’s charity.

“He has always been close to the East Neuk Wheelchair Appeal, coming up every year for the charity dinner.”

Jordan (25) added: “Kevin saw Anstruther as his home just as much as down south.

“He grew to become one of the East Neuk’s most respected men. Any time he was up, he usually had a queue of people waiting to speak to him.

“I think this was down to the way he dealt with his illness. He had great courage and amazing positivity.

‘‘Nothing seemed to faze him.”

Just days before his death, Kevin told the Mail he was delighted with Aidan’s interpretation of his poem and the support he had received from friends and family.

You can visit his page at http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/KevinStreeter

You can listen to the song, and watch an accompanying video montage about Kevin’s life on www.youtube.com

Kevin’s funeral arrangments in Sussex were being finalised as the Mail went to press.

It’s hoped to have a memorial service for him in Anstruther at a later date.