A roundabout road for a shortcut!

The busy junction from Ferrard Road on to Oriel Road
The busy junction from Ferrard Road on to Oriel Road

Residents in a new Kirkcaldy housing development say a big increase in traffic around their homes is causing them difficulties.

The Abbotshall Homes development at Ostlere Road, opposite the town’s Aldi supermarket entrance in Ferrard Road, is still under completion.

But residents already living in the flats, many of whom are elderly, say a big increase in the numbers of people using the supermarket, partly due to the closure of Kirkcaldy’s Tesco store, has meant traffic in the vicinity is much busier.

And they say getting out on to Oriel Road at peak times is almost impossible, with traffic blocking the hatched box markings on Oriel Road, and a pedestrian crossing right on the corner making things even more difficult.

As a further complication, delivery drivers to Aldi are also experiencing problems trying to get in and out, because cars are parked on both sides.

One driver was seen to take five attempts to negotiate the junction from Ferrard Road on to Strathkinnes Road, narrowly avoiding hitting cars parked on either side.

Brian Ball (76), of Caledonia Road, said: ”When the traffic lights turn to red on Oriel Road at the crossing, the majority of drivers just ignore the hatched markings and stop across them, so you can’t get out from Ferrard Road, and there can be large queues of traffic building up waiting to get out of Aldi’s at times.

“It is extremely difficult if you are trying to turn right to go up Oriel Road, and it’s usually easier just to go left down to the roundabout and come back up that way.

“It is a bad junction and the hatched box needs to be much bigger than it is.”

Another resident said: “It is very busy here now and the new taxi rank outside Aldi is just going to make the situation worse.

“If I am going out, I always just turn left and go down to the roundabout, but you also have to watch out for the crossing there and school kids often just run out.”

Local councillor Judy Hamilton said she was aware of issues.

“This is a busy junction, but I will speak to traffic management to see if anything can be done to alleviate the situation,” she added.