A safe place to live and work

Chief Superintendent Garry McEwan
Chief Superintendent Garry McEwan

A major review of policing in Fife has concluded its communities are being patrolled effectively and the Kingdom is a safe place to live and work.

HM Inspecorate of Constabularies in Scotland (HMICS) has issued the first report of its kind as part of a series assessing the state, effectiveness and efficiency of local divisions in Police Scotland.

Fife’s Divisional Commander, Chief Superintendent Garry McEwan, welcomed the report and said its recommendations for improvement were already being followed.

In the past year, the challenges associated with local policing in Fife had been met with three key considerations in mind – smarter, stronger and safer, he said.

“Smarter through the development and implementation of new processes, procedures and systems for the investigation and prevention of crimes and offences – such as the recently-introduced Vulnerable Persons Database,” he explained.

“Stronger through increased access to national policing resources, something that has made us a larger local organisation, capable of deploying a far wider range of resources – directly to where they are needed.

“Safer, not only as a maxim, but as our single focus – with the specific aim of making local Fife communities safer places to live, work or visit.”

Chief Superintendent McEwan added: “I welcome the HMICS Inspection, particularly at such an early stage in the transition to Police Scotland, as it provided an excellent opportunity for both external scrutiny of our developing procedures and a searching independent insight into whether we are addressing community concerns and meeting local needs.”

“Fife division will implement a local improvement plan to introduce the recommended developments – a process that has already begun,” added Chief Superintendent McEwan.