A smaller eco centre that can be extended in future

The new-look ecology centre
The new-look ecology centre
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Kinghorn’s proposed new Ecology Centre will be smaller than originally planned, because of the current restricted financial situation.

Plans for the new building, which if given the go-ahead by planners, will be built on the eastern side of Kinghorn Loch, show a purpose-built, single storey construction, instead of the one and a half storey proposal initially lodged with the local authority.

It will provide office and education space as well as facilities for the many volunteers.

The Ecology Centre obtained planning approval for a building back in 2010 but didn’t proceed due to complications with the then landowner, Kinghorn Developments.

But, with the lease on the land now fully secure, staff hope that the centre will purchase the land in the next few months.

Julie Samuel, general manager at The Ecology Centre, said: “The revised plan is for a much smaller building that can be extended in future if required.

‘‘We hope this will meet with approval from the local community and address concerns raised at the time of the previous planning application.”

Alison Crook, the centre’s development manager, added: “In coming up with this design we looked carefully at previous plans, consulted the local community, sought ideas from our many volunteers and appointed an architect who could translate this into a building that not only looks good but meets our needs.”

Architect Stuart Hannah of ADD Design in Dunfermline has created a timber building that will fit into the landscape and has strong eco credentials including construction to minimise heat loss and renewable energy generation.

It will also use former shipping containers for workshops and storage.

Alison said: “These will provide us with cheap and flexible space.

‘‘They will be tucked behind the main building so won’t be obvious.”

The centre also has ambitious plans for the grounds which will be developed over time.