A ‘sorry’ row over a New Year posting

Lindsay Roy MP
Lindsay Roy MP

Glenrothes and Central Fife MP Lindsay Roy is at the centre of row after a New Year attack on social media.

A Facebook post made by John Beare, SNP councillor for Glenrothes North, Leslie and Markinch on January 1, referred to Mr Roy as an “odious creature.”

John Beare

John Beare

Although the post was quickly removed, the Glenrothes MP claims he is still waiting on a letter of apology which he was promised.

But Cllr Beare has hit back accusing Mr Roy of “bullying”.

After the message first appeared, the MP wrote to Cllr Beare, demanding he remove it and issue a written apology.

He also wrote to Fife Council’s manager of Committee Services, Andrew Ferguson, and the Commissioner for Ethical Standards in Public Life asking them to investigate.

Mr Roy claims he has not yet received his written apology even though he was given assurances by Cllr Beare that he would do so.

He said: “He did make a press apology of sorts, but this was little short of a “wriggle out of a bad situation” exercise and is completely insufficient in view of the highly offensive remark he made about me.

“John Beare clearly thinks he can get away with making vile remarks and also ignore the requirement to apologise personally for his actions as both the Commissioner and Mr Ferguson deemed necessary.

“This is not how a man in public office should behave. I am sure that his constituents and indeed his own party will be ashamed by his arrogance and disdain on all fronts.”

Cllr Beare replied: “One is minded to ask, if Mr Roy was so offended by the post, why did he draw the attention of the media to it, rather than approach me directly?

“I advised then and I am content to repeat, that the short comment, which has long since been removed, was not made in language that I would normally use and that I was also content to apologise to anyone who had taken offence. I have also written to Mr Roy in these terms.

“In being at a loss as to why he is continuing to pursue the issue, I can only assume that it is little more than a cack handed attempt to bully those prepared to stand up to the Labour Party.

“That a former teacher or any holder of public office may seek to bully someone who disagrees with them is deeply disturbing. Bullying is never acceptable. I intend to continue to address issues of real concern to my constituents, without fear or favour.”