A text book finish to a testing time

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RECTORS across the area have reported record-breaking exam results.

Last week, the Mail obtained pre-appeal figures for local high schools, Buckhaven, Kirkland and Waid Academy.

While results were heavily influenced by factors such as catchment demographic, crucially, all three schools met or exceeded their exam expectations.

At Kirkland, 96 per cent of S4 pupils achieved five or more qualifications at Standard Grade Level 3 – one of the highest results in Scotland at foundation level.

Rector Ronnie Ross said: “We are supporting all our pupils. This shows that all our pupils in S4 leave school with meaningful qualifications.

“With respect to five-plus qualifications at level 4, we have achieved 65 per cent, which is the highest on record over the last six years.”

In total, 31 per cent of pupils achieved at least one or more Higher grade passes.

Mr Ross added: “Our three or more at level 6 (10 per cent) is the highest result for the past six years. This is a significant improvement and we are building on this.”

Meanwhile, Buckhaven High’s rector David McClure was similarly pleased with exam results at his school.

At Higher level, notable performances were recorded in art, biology, English, mathematics, music and physical education, where many individual achievements were outstanding.

Mr McClure said: “In particular, our Credit and S5 Higher results have all increased to reflect the very hard work and effort which the staff and the pupils alike have delivered.

“Our best results were in the Higher Grade awards, where our three-plus Higher awards placed us second from top in our seven Fife comparator group at 12.3 per cent and our five-plus Higher awards placed us top in our comparator group at 4.6 per cent.”

Some individual pupils at Waid enjoyed outstanding results, with one S5 Higher candidate gaining six A passes and another gaining seven excellent passes.

At Standard Grade, several candidates achieved seven ‘1’ passes.

It represented a very positive picture at the school, said rector Iain Hughes.

“While these are the top level results, there is a large number of individual successes at all levels across the curriculum,” he commented.

“The hard work on behalf of learners and staff in subject departments over the last year has come to fruition. There has been an increase in five or more results at General level and at Credit level.

“This year has seen a pleasing rise in awards in S6 with increases in three or more (39 per cent) and five or more (29 per cent) results at Higher by the end of S6, and the largest jump being one or more results at Advanced Higher level (21 per cent).”