A victory for ‘people power’ in South Road

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Traffic-calming measures installed on a busy Cupar road have had a dramatic effect on speeding motorists, it has emerged.

The measures were put in place in South Road in November 2013 amid concerns by local residents about road safety.

They formed an action group due to particular worries about drivers exceeding the 30mph limit as they left the town.

Traffic-calming measures included a build-out priority system that has prompted strong crticism from one resident - but this week it was revealed that it had had an ‘impressive and significant’ effect, with an extra 4000 drivers a day now sticking to the speed limit.

And in a report, Colin Stirling, traffic management lead professional, made it clear that the bollard was here to stay.

“One resident of South Road has complained strongly and regularly about queueing traffic and dangerous vehicle manouevres taking place as a direct result of the build-out”, he said.

“There are no proposals to remove or make any alterations to the build-out ... it is appropriate for this location and has had a positive impact in road safety terms.”

After issuing his report, Mr Stirling told the Fife Herald: “The outcome of the post-works monitoring is very positive, with an additional 4000 drivers per day now travelling within the posted speed limit. This represents a significant improvement in road safety terms.

“The traffic calming measures on South Road have come about following detailed local consultation with community engagement helping shape the end product. It’s particularly pleasing that this community is now seeing a positive impact as a result of the measures put in place.”

Chief Inspector Adrian Annandale, area commander for north east Fife, commented: “The data provided within the report regarding the reduction of vehicle speeds at South Road is good news and the measures put in place are clearly contributing to keeping people safe”.

Cupar Councillor Bryan Poole also welcomed the findings, saying that it provided ‘clear evidence’ that the various interventions had had a dramatic effect on the speed of traffic in the area, which is close to Castlehill School.

“Personally I believe the improvements came about because of the campaign launched by some young mums in the area and the willingness of the transport people and Police to work with the local action group to bring about a safer environment. It was a very good example of partnership effort.”