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LIVE streaming of Kirkcaldy funerals on the internet could be up and running in the next two years.

Fife Council has said web-streaming is on its list of potential future developments - depending on funding.

It could mean that people from across the world who can’t attend funerals in the Lang Toun would be able to experience them from their own home computers.

William Greig, bereavement services officer, said it is something they would ultimately like to install at both Kirkcaldy and Dunfermline crematoriums.

He said: “We would install the service at one of the crematoriums one year and then do it at the other the following year.

‘‘At the moment we are laying the foundations for a new foyer at Dunfermline and once that is completed we will look at broadband access.

‘‘It really depends on the budget. If we can secure funding, potentially it could be two years away. It is something we are definitely looking at for the future.”

He added: “Funeral director Callum Robertson has done it two or three times in the past at Kirkcaldy Crematorium.


‘‘ He has arranged it himself using his own equipment. We would be quite happy for him to do that at the moment until we are in a position to do it ourselves.”

Callum Robertson told The Press they have videoed funerals and then uploaded them to the internet, providing relatives across the world with a password to view, and pay their respects.

Callum said: “It’s good for families on the other side of the world who are unable to attend.


“We are unable to streamline the funeral live due to problems with the phone lines at the crematorium but we can video it,and then upload it.

‘‘A few years ago, one family watched the funeral from Australia within half-an-hour of the service taking place, by streaming. We don’t generally offer it because we can’t streamline the service instantly.

‘‘But I do think it would be a great thing for all crematoriums to have, especially in a digital age.”

He said funerals can also be recorded for those who are unable to attend services for example if they are ill or if they are in a care home.

Callum added: “We want people to tell us what they want and we will do everything we can to accommodate their requests.”