A week of meetings and marches for Sheku campaigners

Sheku Bayoh's  family with (centre) lawyer Aamer Anwar at the PIRC's headquarters.
Sheku Bayoh's family with (centre) lawyer Aamer Anwar at the PIRC's headquarters.

The family of Sheku Bayoh marched through Kirkcaldy alongside hundreds of supporters on Sunday to mark four months since the father-of-two died.

The following day, they had a “robust and honest” meeting with Police Scotland chief constable Sir Stephen House, to discuss concerns over police handling of the case.

The 31 year-old died after being restrained by up to nine officers during an incident on Hayfield Road in the early morning of Sunday, May 3.

Sir Stephen, who recently announced he was stepping down from his post, has faced criticism for not meeting the family who launched a Justice for Sheku campaign to find out what led to Mr Bayoh’s death.

Following the meeting Aamer Anwar, the family’s lawyer said: “The family appreciated the compassion that the Chief Constable showed them as well as the personal regret he expressed for their ordeal.

“The Bayoh family understand the frustrations of the Chief Constable not being able to speak publicly because of an ongoing PIRC investigation. In future no Chief Constable should be placed in such a position.

“The Chief Constable has assured the family that he would expect Police Scotland to learn any lessons following the completion of the investigation and all legal proceedings.

“At the meeting the family reiterated they could never accept police officers lying to them with several versions of what happened to Sheku Bayoh in the hours following his death in custody.

“The first version told to Collette (Mr Bayoh’s partner) was that a member of the public had found Sheku’s body on the street.”

The family, who previously criticised the “toothless” powers of the Police Investigations and Review Commissioner, were told at a meeting with the PIRC last week they could select additional experts to help determine a cause of death for Mr Bayoh.