A world of trouble to get our computer fixed

5010024 SSFF pc problems 'Helen Jamieson with the computer thatt she says PC world have broken - at home in Lochgelly
5010024 SSFF pc problems 'Helen Jamieson with the computer thatt she says PC world have broken - at home in Lochgelly
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A LOCHGELLY couple have hit out at PC World, after four months of grief trying get their home computer fixed.

Colin Duffy and his partner Helen Jamieson took their computer to the Kirkcaldy PC World branch in August for a routine memory upgrade.

After the initial work, the technician called and informed the couple that there was a problem with their computer.

After numerous trips to the store and calls to different technicians, this issue resulted in the loss of thousands of photos and other important data.

Mr Duffy and Ms Jamieson returned to the store on numerous occasions in the hope that the problem could be rectified.

However, after months of calls, worry and miscommunication, the couple are still no further forward.

Mr Duffy said: “We both feel extremely let down and injured by PC World.

“An otherwise very simple job has descended into this debacle and despite us giving them the opportunity to correct the mistake, they have refused to sort it out or compensate us appropriately.”

At the end of November, PC World offered the couple £100 compensation.


However, they refused, adding that after the problems they had encountered, the sum was “derisory and insulting”.

Mr Duffy added: “We’re at the end of our tether and we now need a new machine.

“We wanted a letter setting out the compensation offer along with a written acknowledgement of the company’s errors and we were promised this but we are still waiting.”

The couple’s computer was returned to them in October, after more work on it.

However, they do not feel confident using the machine, which is very slow and they are concerned about how safe it is to use for internet banking and other secure work.

And despite even writing to the chief executive officer of the company, they have never received a reply.

A spokesman for PC World said: “We are very sorry that Ms Jamieson and Mr Duffy have had issues with their PC and that some data had been lost - some of which we have now recovered.

Backed up

’’However we always advise customers that their data should be backed up on a regular basis.

“We have offered £50 as a gesture of goodwill.”