A92 safety campaigners urge Scottish Government to act following report

Ron Page (right) is calling on the Scottish Transport Minister to act.
Ron Page (right) is calling on the Scottish Transport Minister to act.

Campaigners are urging the Scottish Government not to lose sight of the need for urgent safety improvements to the A92.

With the Holyrood parliament now in recess and the focus inevitably on the forthcoming Scottish MSP elections in May, those behind the campaign have called upon Transport Minister Derek Mackay to act without delay on a Transport Scotland produced assessment report which was due to land on his desk earlier this month.

“We have been in continual contact with the minister’s office to act upon the report which we understand details provisional safety options for key areas along the A92,” explained Ron Page, convenor of the A92 campaign.

“What we don’t want is for this to get kicked into the long grass and forgotten about because of the forthcoming election.

“Ministers will still carry out their departmental duties, and we urge Mr Mackay to realise that these safety issues will not simply go away.

“Very real concerns exist and will continue until a programme of substantial improvements are committed to.

“What we don’t want is another serious accident or death before it’s brought back up the agenda.”

Mr Page told the Gazette that the campaign group will again be writing to the Transport Minister this week to remind him of the need to act on the report’s findings.

“In fairness to Mr Mackay, he has said publicly that there is a need to do something and I believe there is a genuine commitment from him regarding the A92.

“However the pace in which bureaucracy works is frustrating to a great many ordinary people who just want to see action.”

Fife Council presented the Transport Minister with an A92 action plan in August 2015. David Ross, administration leader said he had been left frustrated by the continued wait for Transport Scotland’s assessment of the plan.

“Considerable frustration and disappointment has been expressed by the community representatives and by councillors of all political parties that we have not yet had a formal or comprehensive response to the action plan from Transport Scotland.

“There is also concern that the level of improvements seen as appropriate by the communities, and by the council, seem to be well beyond the funding available to Transport Scotland for improvements to the road.

“I share this frustration and these concerns.”