Accident plan to be actioned on coast road

The speed limit will be reduced through Drumeldrie
The speed limit will be reduced through Drumeldrie

Drivers heading to the East Neuk via the A917 will notice changes in the next few months as a Fife Council Route Accident Reduction Plan (RARP) is put in place.

The road, between Upper Largo and Crail, will be subject to a speed limit reduction, new signage and re-painted lines.

This is the second RARP to be put in place in the area, following work on the Standing Stane road last year.

Recorded accident data for the 14-mile stretch has shown that between 2012 and 2014, there were 113 accidents, with 24 of those crashes resulting in injuries being sustained (seven were classed as serious and 17 were classed as slight).

The accident data also revealed that the majority of the incidents occurred during daylight hours (81) and in dry conditions (53). As part of the works, a new speed limit will be imposed through Drumeldrie, lowering the limit from the current 60 mph to 40mph.

Steve Sellars, lead professional (road safety) at Fife Council explained that while 20mph may work for other villages such as East Wemyss, it was decided that 40mph was more appropriate for the road.

Mr Sellars also noted following questions from councillors that while the road is well used by tourists, postcode data collected during accident reports showed that it was generally local people involved in collisions.

It is expected that the work will begin early in the financial year, starting in Upper Largo and working along to Crail.

The work is expected to cost an estimated £40,000, including upgrading signs, anti-skid treatment on bends and replacement of warning signs and chevron signs.