Action needed now to help reduce hunger

Rev. Marc Prowe met with Gordon Brown MP
Rev. Marc Prowe met with Gordon Brown MP

MEMBERS of local churches are among thousands of people around the country demanding the government addresses the root causes of hunger in the world.

The ‘Enough Food for Everyone IF’ campaign, is being run by more than 100 organisations working together to demand changes to the food system that will benefit hungry people and it is being supported by churches in the Kirkcaldy area.

Across the country MPs are being asked to write to Prime Minister David Cameron and Chancellor George Osborne to ensure the government keeps its promises on aid to poor countries and cracks down on tax dodging by big companies, which costs poor countries three times the amount they receive in aid.


This week Reverend Marc Prowe, minister at Linktown Parish Church and a member of the local Presbytery of the Church of Scotland, met with Kirkcaldy MP Gordon Brown and urged him to support calls for immediate action on hunger in Mr Osborne’s forthcoming budget.

To highlight the importance of Mr Osborne’s budget, Rev. Prowe took with him an ‘IF’ campaign briefing and voiced support for life-saving aid and tackling tax dodging, both big ‘IFs’ which could help begin to end hunger.

Speaking about the campaign, Rev. Prowe said: “Churches will always speak up with, and on behalf of, the poor and voice-less of this world, and against the growing divide of rich and poor - because God is compassionate.

“We will not simply quietly bandage the wounds inflicted by a lack of resources whilst the wealthy are full-up and big companies are dodging taxes.

“George Osborne’s budget contains decisions about how our country’s money
is spent.

“It can help lay the foundations for a world free from hunger.

“I would encourage everyone to meet or email their own MP and have their say.”

Andrew Herbert, Christian Aid and Tear Fund co-ordinator for Kinghorn Parish Church, explained more about the campaign.


He said: “This campaign is important, it’s about trying to bring an end to hunger.

“It’s not just about handouts and a quick fix, it’s about changing the system.”

Mr Herbert said through the campaign members of the public will be encouraged to write to their MPs, the Prime Minister and possibly other G8 leaders.

Rev. Prowe said Mr Brown was already aware of the ‘IF’ campaign when they met and had already written to George Osborne on the matter.