Action needed to repair Methil docks

MSP David Torrance, James Kilday (treasurer) & Scott Greer (secretary) survey the damage to the sea wall at Methil Boat Club, Methil Docks.
MSP David Torrance, James Kilday (treasurer) & Scott Greer (secretary) survey the damage to the sea wall at Methil Boat Club, Methil Docks.
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MEMBERS of the long-standing Methil Boat Club have raised serious concerns about the stability of one of the docks near their club house after part of it collapsed.

Severe weather over the winter period, and especially in the past month, has caused a whole section of wall at no.3 dock to collapse, leaving a huge hole in the sea barrier.

Now the club are calling on the company in charge of the area, Methil Dock No.3 Assets LTD, to act fast or risk even more damage to the historic port, thought to have been built over 100 years ago.

Scott Greer, secretary of the club, which has 190 members, said this has been an on-going problem for too long.

“We have been saying for five years that the wall needs fixed. In the beginning, £750,000 was put into a trust by Scottish Enterprise Fife who owned the area to go towards the upkeep of the dock, and all of the companies along here, including us and Stuarts, pay £1200 a year towards it too.

“But so far, that money has only been used to pay for engineer’s reports and surveys and nothing has actually been done.”

Scott said the club had made various attempts to get in contact with the director of Methil Dock No.3 Assets LTD, Scott Harper, but had had no reply. The Mail’s own attempts to talk to Mr Harper were also unsuccessful.

Scott and club treasurer James Kilday believe the cost of repairing the now badly damaged wall will be high, with James commenting: “This is just me guessing, but I would think it will cost in the region of £1 million to repair the whole thing now.”

David Torrance MSP visited the site on Friday amd spoke of his own concerns.

“My main worries are that this wall protects the whole dock so if that all collapses, there will be nothing to protect this whole dock area from further damage.

“Secondly, this is a real concern for health and safety because it is a well used area.” His sentiments were echoed by Scott who said: “Just the other day I had to shout over to a woman and her children because they were walking along here. It’s really bad - there could be a serious accident here and Methil Dock No.3 Asset Ltd would be liable for that.”

Mr Torrance added: “The company in charge are shirting their responsibility to maintain this wall.”