Action on unsafe parking at area’s schools

Car parked on zig zag lines. Pic by FPA.
Car parked on zig zag lines. Pic by FPA.

Police in Levenmouth have issued a warning about problem parking at schools across the area.

And their pleas for better and safer parking have been echoed by local residents and Fife Council alike.

Community Sergeant Neil Johnston of Levenmouth said: “The message is quite clear. The road crossings are there for a purpose and that is to allow safe passage for children crossing the road.

“The zig zag lines clearly define the area you should not be parking in. If you are parked here you are a hazard and obstruct the view of children crossing the road.

“This increases the likelihood of a serious accident occurring. Whilst it may be convenient for the driver to park nearer the school, in reality you are creating danger.”

He added: “This area of road safety always needs refreshed and we will be actively issuing fixed penalty tickets to offending drivers”.

Susan Keenlyside, transportation lead officer with Fife Council, said: “Many of the schools in the Levenmouth area already have School Travel Plans or are actively working with Transportation & Environment to develop one.

“Their plans aim to reduce parking around the school by encouraging walking and cycling to school. Our school children are learning lifelong skills that will encourage them to walk or cycle and so lead healthier lifestyles.

“We want to do everything we can to increase pupils’ safety by promoting alternatives to bringing the car to the school gates. The congestion faced by schools come from inconsiderate parking by just a few people and we urge them to consider the impact they’re having.”

Fife Council’s Parking Enforcement Team said it was aware of the problem of parents parking outside schools and that it regularly attended schools as part of normal patrols or in response to requests from head teachers, concerned parents, etc.

It noted that parking attendants will and do issue £60 Penalty Charge Notices to any one parked on a ‘School Keep Clear’ marking or on double yellow lines etc, however enforcemening these rules at schools can be problematic as some drivers tend to move away if a parking attendant approaches.