Action plan after investigators deliver final report on college

Adam Smith College
Adam Smith College

AN investigation into allegations of bullying and intimidation at Kirkcaldy’s Adam Smith College has been completed.

And a response is expected from the college’s Board of Governors next week before an action plan is drawn up and published by Easter.

Over 160 staff and students went to the team of investigators sent in by the Scottish Funding Council.

Kirkcaldy MSP David Torrance, told the Press he hopes this can be the start of a fresh chapter in the college’s history.

“I think the college is now a far better place and it can now move forward and rebuild its reputation as one of the best places in the country to study and work for students and staff,” he said.

“I hope that the board takes up the recommendations made by the Funding Council as quickly as possible and implements them. The Funding Council has done a fantastic job with the number of students and lecturers they have spoken to.’’

On the issue of Dr Craig Thomson’s decision to resign and retire as principal, he added: ‘‘I believe he left before he was asked to resign by the board.’’

The board is expected to meet on Tuesday to begin the next step of the process and look at who runs the college.

Mr Torrance also praised Mark Goldsmith, who took over from Graeme Johnstone as chairman of the board, for the “openness and sincerity” he had shown.

“I have been very impressed with the way he has handled the situation,’’ he said. ‘‘He has to be commended for the way he has come into the post.”

A statement from the Scottish Funding Council issued on Tuesday, said: “The report from the review team has been finalised and delivered to theboard of governors for its consideration. A copy has also been sent to the Cabinet Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning who had made clear his wish to see the conclusions of the review as soon as possible.

“During the course of the two-week review, staff and students were given the opportunity to discuss their concerns in confidence with members of the review team. Over 160 individuals contributed to the review which also considered the views of the unions and senior management team.”

Mike Batho, chief executive of the Scottish Funding Council, said: “Both in setting the terms for this review and in carrying it out we have done everything possible to make sure that concerns could be brought forward and considered in a fair and open manner. I am pleased that so many people have felt able to contribute to its work over the past two weeks.

“It is now the responsibility of the board to decide what actions are needed.’’