Action plan to tackle school parking problem in Kirkcaldy

School parking problems - Capshard Primary
School parking problems - Capshard Primary

Drivers taking children to and from school are to come under the spotlight in a bid to tackle parking issues.

With congestion and dangerous parking a constant problem around the majority of most schools in the Kirkcaldy area, Fife Council has resolved to take action to come up with a more sustainable solution.

At a recent Council members’ meeting, there was unanimous agreement that the issue of parking congestion around schools needs addressed.

Kirkcaldy area committee recently agreed to introduce restricted parking in the vicinity of Strathallan Primary School due to ongoing problems in the area.

But, councillors raised concerns about the extension of yellow lines as a single solution.

They agreed that a more strategic approach was needed.

Speaking after the meeting, Councillor Neil Crooks, committee chairman, said his colleagues were clear that one solution would not fit all schools.

He said that pupil safety was top priority and, while head teachers had responsibilities for the children, a wider community partnership was needed for a permanent solution.

Cllr Crooks (pictured) said; “We appeal to people who drive children to school and normally drop children off at or near the school gates to consider changing that habit if possible.

“Leaving home ten minutes earlier would allow time to park in streets further away from the school reducing the gridlock at the school gates.

“By parking and walking, drivers are immediately reducing the pressure at school and improving the health and wellbeing of themselves and the child.

“We all agree that it is a small proportion of drivers that appear to disregard the restrictions in place around schools and in turn, everyone else on the school journey.

“These drivers are usually very visible and can be very vocal.

“Our message to them is that your actions are not those of responsible adults.

“Please show some respect, change bad habits and make a positive difference for everyone.”

Next Steps:

School’s Travel Plans and Traffic Management Plans will be the starting point in the council’s study.

These are important documents which should be regularly updated and communicated to parents, particularly parents of the new primary one intake each year.

Education staff will work with head teachers to establish the status of these plans over the next few months and to organise next steps.