Addiction services win temporary reprieve

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LOCAL addiction agencies are breathing a collective sigh of relief after winning a temporary reprieve from major funding cuts.

Recommendations by the Alcohol and Drug Partnership to shift up to £1 million to national providers instead were due to be approved last Thursday.

However, following a local backlash, the Health and Social Care Partnership decided to defer a decision until August to examine the issue further.

In the meantime, existing services are having their funding extended until the end of September.

Joy Patrick, service co-ordinator with DAPL - Drugs and Alcohol Project Ltd - said: “We just have to try and remain positive.

Thanking people for their support, she added: “Councillors are all really rallying round; what we need now is the people making the decision to listen to what’s going on.

“We hope the elected members and members of the relative committees will see the value of local services who can provide continuity of care to the residents of Fife.”

She acknowledged that, following a review, agencies such as Addaction and Barnardo’s might be best placed to be awarded the contracts.

However, she added: “We need to have this funding process reviewed to ensure everyone is being dealt with fairly.”

A consortium of affected agencies has formed, comprising representatives from DAPL, Delta, The Zone, Aberlour Trust and others.

Spokesperson and Delta director Mary Hill said: “The formation of this group is driven by a passion and commitment to providing quality services locally in our communities.

“We welcome the decision made by members of the HSCP.

“This pause will allow a period of reflection, options appraisal and evidence gathering.

“We offer the group’s full commitment to help in any way it can.”