After film festival, could Lang Toun be ‘Cannes of the north?’

Alan Morrison with Director Richard Jobson at the UK premiere of Waylands Song
Alan Morrison with Director Richard Jobson at the UK premiere of Waylands Song

The first ever Kirkcaldy Film Festival took place at the weekend and organisers have hailed the event a huge success.

And they are already thinking ahead to next year.

The three day festival at the Adam Smith Theatre featured an eclectic choice of films and events.

The highlight was the UK premiere of Richard Jobson’s gritty film, ‘Wayland’s Song’, followed by a lively Q&A session with the director.

Speaking at the event, the Kirkcaldy-born director asked ‘Is Kirkcaldy Film Festival about to become the Cannes of the north?’

The night was finished off with the only showing of ‘The Skids Live 2010’ on the large screen.

Alan Morrison, the festival’s artistic director, said: “I’m absolutely delighted with how it went and I’m proud to have been given a chance to be part of it.

“I always thought one of the things that was good about the programme was that, for the very first festival, we were able to screen a UK premiere, not only using local talent, but something that was also at the cutting edge of what’s been done in software technology.

“We’d love to see more people turn up in subsequent years now that they know the festival exists - but we couldn’t ask for better than the feedback we have been receiving after the screenings.

“One of my favourite moments was just before Treasure Island, when we were screening the old Bugs Bunny cartoon. I was sitting quite near the front of the auditorium and I turned around and all I could see was the huge smiles on everyone’s faces.”

Other highlights included a competition for the best pirate impersonations before the matinee screening of Disney’s ‘Treasure Island’ and a red carpet event for Sunset Boulevard on Saturday evening.

It’s hoped the weekend’s events are the start of an annual festival in the Lang Toun.

Alan added: “On Sunday night I was on the train going home with a couple of others and we spent the entire journey coming up with ideas of what we could do next year.

“The plan is to keep this going next year and every year and bring something more to Fife in what we can show and see if we can bring in new local talent.”