Age proves no bar for PC pensioners

Tutor Chloe Roberts with William Wallace, James Craig and Alex Ross. Pic: FPA
Tutor Chloe Roberts with William Wallace, James Craig and Alex Ross. Pic: FPA

A 96-year-old Glenrothes man is among a group of pensioners proving that you’re never too old to embrace new technology.

For Alex Ross and a dozen other elderly members of the public have taken up on the offer of free computer tuition being offered by a tenants group within the town ... and it’s the best thing he’s done in years, claims Alex.

The training sessions are being provided for retired residents by West Glenrothes Tenants Association in a move to help elderly people who are required to use email and the internet when dealing with new government legislation such as housing benefits.

The initiative is also designed to introduce more of the town’s old folks to the wonders of modern technology.

And from what he has seen so far, Alex has certainly given the laptop learning initiative the thumps up.

“I’m the proof that you are never too old to learn,” Alex told the Gazette while taking a break from his weekly training session.

He added: “I’ve really enjoyed it so far and it’s improved my confidence and understanding no end.

“I can now send e-mails, write letters and know how to access the internet. The world is my oyster.”

Helping to bridge the generation gap is 18-year-old Chloe Roberts, who was invited by the association to conduct the informal sessions.

“It’s been very rewarding to witness older people, who in the past may have been frightened off by new technology, actually with just basic tips, be able to use a computer after a few simple instructions,” said Chloe.

“We can accommodate three people at a time and the free sessions have proved a great success.”

Plans are now afoot to extend the initial period for the PC tuition beyond February into the summer.

Alistair Angus from the West Glenrothes Tenants Association said the initiative has helped residents to overcome the frustrating feeling of being left behind that the world of computers and technology gives many older people.

“It’s an absolute necessity for people of all ages to use a computer these days because dealing with the government requires you to do that,” explained Alistair.

“Therefore it was essential to offer something that would give people the skills to cope while not putting them under undue pressure.”
To learn more about the sessions contact (01592) 611139.