Alex Salmond visits Kirkcaldy to show his support

Alex Salmond was greeted with a large crowd in Kirkcaldy
Alex Salmond was greeted with a large crowd in Kirkcaldy

Alex Salmond was in town today to give his support to SNP candidate Roger Mullin in the run up to the General Election.

Mr Salmond visited the newly opened SNP shop on Kirkcaldy high street where he was greeted by a large crowd of supporters who cheered his arrival.

The former First Minister praised Nicola Sturgeon on last night’s debate.

He said: “We have a talented group of amazing women so that we can do the things that Nicola so brilliantly spelt out last night.

“To make sure that the commitments and the vow are carried out.”

Mr Salmond then went on to discuss the growning SNP support in the town and to praise its local SNP councillors.

“You have been setting the pace in Kirkcaldy for the last few years. I remember in 2011 David Torrance’s magnificant victory which gave us the over all majority.

“And I remember your sensational by-election in January with a wonderful woman council you know have for this town.

“And in just a few weeks, Roger Mullin will be the newest member of parliament for Kirkcaldy.”

Mr Mullin gave thanks to Salmond for his support during the General Election campaign.

“I’ve known Alex Salmond for a few years and it means a lot to have his support today and on the way forward.

“He has gone out of his way today to come here to Kirkcaldy to meet supporters to help with the SNP election campaign.”