All change at Chapel


MAJOR changes to the layout of a busy stretch of road in Kirkcaldy are scheduled to start early next year.

The dualling of Chapel Level from Fair Isle Road to Dunnikier Estate is expected to start in March after tender proposals have been evaluated.

The proposed improvements would see the construction of a large roundabout at the two T-junctions at Hendry Road and Rosemount Avenue where they join at Chapel level.

The existing junctions will be closed off and realigned.

And Rosemount Avenue will become an extended Barassie Drive which will require the felling of a substantial area of Capshard Wood.

Neil Crooks, councillor for Kirkcaldy North, said: “The successful developer will be asked to fell the trees at Capshard Wood as a priority to avoid the nesting season.

“Improvements to the Sainsbury roundabout are now well advanced.

‘‘Chapelton Drive will also be closed off and the roundabout will shrink in diameter improving site lines and allowing the creation of spirals to guide traffic to destinations more clearly and in safety.

“Dialogue with Kirkcaldy High School will start in earnest once the developer is in place, and this has been discussed with the school travel plan co-ordinator.

“Traffic from the Glens Estate will hopefully see improved flow and a reduction in near-misses.”

Tim Masters, lead officer with asset management and projects at Fife Council, said: “The project is part funded from developments in that area such as the Business Park and Victoria Hospital.

“When the hospital began planning its new wing it was required to carry out a traffic impact assessment and these improvements are intended to relieve any future congestion.”

The plans have come under fire from the residents of Muttonhall Cottages who will lose direct access to Chapel Level when the construction takes place.

Tim Masters said: “They will have rear access to their property. This will improve safety.’’