Amnesty on fake goods is offered

Designer and non-designer goods (above) are included.
Designer and non-designer goods (above) are included.

PEOPLE in the Glenrothes area are being urged to hand in counterfeit designer goods during a new campaign.

A disposal hub will be set-up in the town during the so-called ‘amnesty’ and those who take part are being assured that they will not face any action after getting rid of the fake items.

Fife Council’s trading standards serviceis making the offer as part of its ‘Fake Free Fife’ campaign.

A collection container has been set-up in the foyer of the local authority’s headquarters at Fife House in, North Street.

It will be available from Monday to Friday, between 9a.m.-5p.m. until Friday, October 12.

Alan Hamilton, a manager with the servuce, said: “The campaign is aimed at raising awareness of the ongoing problem of counterfeiting and to make people aware of the pitfalls of buying fake goods.

“By holding this amnesty, we also hope to get an insight into what types of counterfeits are around in Fife households and examine the quality and safety of these goods.”

“There is a dangerous side to counterfeiting.

“Fake hair straighteners and other electrical goods can contain unsafe wiring that may lead to overheating, creating risks of fire, electrocution and injury.

“Fake CDs, DVDs and software may only work for a short time, if at all, and are usually poor quality”.

“Anything handed over in the amnesty will be put to good use either through recycling or for charity.

“Clothing will be donated to organisations that re-brand them with their own logo, and then distribute for the benefit of the homeless or other disadvantaged persons.

“Discs are wiped and the material recycled.”

He also sought to re-assure those who might be reluctant about coming forward in case they get into trouble.

“Be assured that if you have bought counterfeit items in the past, or have them in your possession, for private use, you have not committed a criminal offence,” added Allan.

“No action can or will be taken when you drop off your goods.”

The service launched a drive against illegal film downloads and DVDs in Glenrothes earlier this year, with the help of Kino Cinema manager, Graeme Reekie.

They pointed out at the time that although it may, on the face of it, seem harmless to purchase such items, it had been proven that money received for the goods often ended up in the hands of organised criminals.

Visit for more information on counterfeiting where you can also anonymously report any known counterfeiting activity to the team for further investigation.