Amy Rayner is walking On Air ahead of album launch

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Adele may have paved the way for turning heartache into music, but one Fife girl is taking her own path.

Amy Rayner, from St Andrews, is gearing up to launch her new EP ‘Two Long Years’ and embark on a small tour.

The latest offering from the 24-year-old honest depicts the three stages of a relationship.

“It’s a little bit bittersweet. The record is about a relationship – and yes, they know that it’s about them!

“The first track, ‘On Air’ is about the good times of a new relationship while ‘Perfect Mess’ details the bit in the middle when you really start to get on each other’s nerves. The last track is when the relationship falls apart and you realise that you are not right for each other.

“I like to think that something good can out of something bad and that’s how I feel about the new EP.”

Amy’s sound is a mix bag of different genres – much like her influences.

“I like quite an eclectic mix of music who I take influence from and I think that comes across in my own songs. I like Sheryl Crowe, David Bowie and Beyonce so my own sound is a big mash of all that rolled into one.”

Getting ready to launch ‘Two Long Years is a bit daunting, Amy admits.

She said: “It is quite nerve wracking as I’ve been organising it all myself, but I’m looking forward to it.

“I’ll be performing songs off the EP, some older stuff and maybe some cheeky covers thrown in, too.

“I’ll be singing in front of a screen so there will be images projected on that which I’m excited about as I really wanted something unique from every other album launch. I hope that people come along and just have a really good time.”

Amy Rayner’s EP launch party takes place on Sunday, February 28 at Perth Playhouse Cinema.

Tickets are available at

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