An inspector calls ...

Return of the Hotel Inspector
Return of the Hotel Inspector
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Allan Crow on this week’s TV highlights

(Wednesday, Channel5, 9.00 p.m.)
For reasons I cannot fathom, I somehow fell into watching ‘The Hotel Inspector’ on a regular basis.

Like all reality shows it depended on conflict, a few tears and a happy ending, but show me this back to back with Channel4’s ‘Four In A Bed’ and I‘d happily stretch out on my sofa for a night of undemanding viewing.

Now Alix Polizzi - the only person on telly whose use of the term ‘dahling’ doesn’t make your teeth itch - is back, hence the wittily entitled ‘The Hotel Inspector Returns’ to see what the hosts have done with her advice, and if their businesses have picked up.

That’s pretty much it - think I’ll check in.


(Saturday, BBC1, 1.15 p.m.)
Faster than Dan Maskell could remark ‘‘oh I say’’ Wimbledon 2014 is almost over.

Grief even Andy is oot ... let’s hope those cringe-inducing tartan Jimmy wig/hats have also gone in his wake.

Saturday marks ladies’ finals day followed by the men’s final and lots of edge of the seat viewing.

The tournament has rather slipped fromk the radar thanks to the rather glorious World Cup which rumbles on until mid-July.

Tour De France Live

(Saturday, ITV4, 10.30 a.m.)

If you find yourself thinking ‘you know, there just isn’t enough sport on telly this summer’ then arise early and enjoy the strange sight of the Tour De France coming live from that well known provence ... er, Yorkshire.

Eh by gum they’ll peddle furiously down t’dales and through the haunting sight of Harrogate, probably pursued by a whippet or two for fun.

There’s some six and a half hours of t’tour today, so best get in some cans of bitter and make thee-self comfy lad.

She’s 78, He’s 39: Age Gap Love

(Saturday, Channel5, 8.00 p.m.)
With a title like that you just knew this was a C5 documentary.

It has stories of six folk with partners much younger than themselves.

It includes a woman who was 45 when she met her hubby when he was just 16.

While C5 invites us to gawp at their lives, the reality is maybe they’re quite happy and not really interested in the fuss their age-gap may well have caused ...

Glastonbury 2014

(Friday, BBC2, 11.05 p.m.)
If you missed all that singing and dancing in the mud last weeekend, catch up with this pocket-sized review of the best of Glasto.

The choice cuts include Arcade Fire, Kasabian, Metallica - whose appearance sparked huge debate - and the rather wonderful Mr Robert Plant Esquire who is on a roll right now with a cracking band.

The Honourable Woman

(Thursday, BBC2, 9.00 p.m.)

A mid-summer slot for a strong new drama - let’s hope it doesn’t get lost as we head out for a BBQ.

The excellent Maggie Gyllenhal stars in this mystery as Nessa, a British of Israeli extraction who runs her family’s incredibly wealthy business and charitable arm.

She is also a major player in the Middle East peace process, and the murder of a Palestinian businessman may just be a spark for some difficult moments.

It’s the sort of drama the Beeb does very well ... let’s hope they have got the scheduling spot on too.

Big Brother

(Nightly, Channel5, 9.00 p.m.)
Blimey they’re still locked in the house with only the Daily Star’s coverage for company?

Emma Willis whistles and kicks her heels waiting for another housemate to be turfed out. The nation shrugs and goes back to watching the World Cup.