And here’s the bill to repair ravaged roads

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potholes and cracked carriageways are likely to cost the Council millions after freezing weather has wrecked havoc on the Kingdom’s roads.

Fife Council has said that although it’s too early to say exactly how much repairs to streets will cost, it is expecting the amount to be even more than the £2 million spent this time last year -- putting even more pressure on budgets.

Dr Bob McLellan, head of transportation services, said: “Last year, we spent almost £6 million on activities relating to winter and the subsequent repair of damaged roads in Fife.

Wear and tear

“It’s almost inevitable that our roads and pavements will have been affected by the current weather conditions, particularly on residential roads.”

Dr McLellan added that the transportation department will be inspecting and assessing any damage as soon as current snow and frost operations are completed, but are expecting damage to be even more costly than last year. Potholes have been appearing throughout Kirkcaldy after water got into cracks in road, where it froze and expanded, breaking open cracks and creating holes.

He continued: “Last year we spent between £1.5- £2 million on repairing potholes - the weather we’ve experienced so far this year has been worse so we expect to spend the same or more.”

Last year the roads department put together a patching programme to deal with the deterioration of the roads, appointing contractors after the amount of work overwhelmed the service.