And on the panel tonight ...

100 Greatest Toys with Jonathan Ross
100 Greatest Toys with Jonathan Ross

Allan Crow takes a look at the week’s TV highlights

(Thursday, BBC1, 10.35 p.m.)

Oh BBC what joys you give us - Nigel Farrage and Russell Brand on the same panel!

If only they’d parachute George Galloway in to shred the pair of them ...

Farrage gets his season ticket to Question Time renewed once more, while Brand brings his booky-wooky of awfi’ big words to make himself sound smart.

It’s the other panellists I feel sorry for ... whoever they may be.

100 Greatest Toys

(Saturday, Channel4, 6.00 p.m.)
One of those never-ending list shows which are too easy to get sucked into.

Jonathon Ross presides over three hours - yup, three hours - counting down all the great gizmos and toys from our childhood.

If Mecanno doesn’t make the top 10, I shall demand a recount!

TV’s Greatest Magic Tricks

(Saturday, Channel5, 9.10 p.m.)
And no sooner has Wossy vanished off our screen, along comes C5 with a three hour compendium of the greatest magic tricks of all time. So, watch them back to back and that’s six hours of your life you will never get back ...

A Night With Olly Murs

(Friday, stv, 9.00 p.m.)
Light entertainment comes no lighter than this frothy hour in the company of Murs.

Some music, some chat and the usual suspects turning up in support.

BBC4’s Friday night music sounds a much better option - a documentary on Queen before what’s left of the band started hiring reality show wannabes and performing great American rock anthems.

Murs is pleasant enough, but that’s about it ...