Andy’s parting gift to his beloved community

Celia Proctor (right) with  daughter Angela and grandson Daniel with floral planters in memory of late husband Andy
Celia Proctor (right) with daughter Angela and grandson Daniel with floral planters in memory of late husband Andy
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every time Celia Proctor comes out the front door of her flat in Kirkcaldy’s Nicol Street she is reminded of her beloved late husband Andy.

The beautiful flower-filled ​planters on the fence surrounding the blocks of flats were Andy’s last gift to the community where he lived, and he poured his heart and soul into the project before he passed away from cancer in June.

Now when she passes by and sees and smells the blooms in their pots she remembers the precious times they spent planning what to put in them, then planting them up for the appreciation of their friends, neighbours and passers-by on the busy street where they lived for over 40 years.

Celia explained: “Andy was told by doctors at the end of last year that he had terminal cancer and only had months to live. That blow came just a few months after he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, so he was a very sick man.

“This project seemed to keep him going and he spent hours going through flower catalogues and on the internet looking for plants to fill the containers which were gifted to the residents by Fife Council three years ago.

“Then, when they were delivered, he and I spent ages carefully potting them in small pots and tending them until it was the right time to plant them out in the planters, around the beginning of June.”


By that time Andy’s health was failing and he was not able to do much, but the job of filling the planters was carried on by his family, including daughter Angela Ferguson, son James, their respective partners, and Angela’s son Daniel (12), a pupil at Balwearie High School.

“Andy was very frail, but he did manage to come down for a few minutes at the beginning and he told us where they should go for the best effect and drew us a plan to follow.

“Unfortunately he never saw the planters in full bloom as he passed away on June 14, but he is there in spirit. It was as if he just got the job finished then decided it was time for him to go,” said Celia.

“These flowers were a small legacy from Andy to all our neighbours over the summer months, and I am hoping to continue this in his memory in future years.”

Councillor Judy Hamilton, whose ward includes Nicol Street, said: “This was a lovely gesture from Andy and his family and it is a fitting tribute to him.”