Anger after vandals smash Kirkcaldy allotments

Vandalised greenhouse at Glamis Road, Kirkcaldy.
Vandalised greenhouse at Glamis Road, Kirkcaldy.

AN ALLOTMENT owner from Kirkcaldy has been speaking of his dismay at discovering his patch had been vandalised.

Colin Laing (48) secured one of the 21 plots in Glamis Road last year, but says that there’s been trouble with vandalism almost since day one.

Vandalised greenhouse at Glamis Road, Kirkcaldy.

Vandalised greenhouse at Glamis Road, Kirkcaldy.

Now Council officers and police have pledged to tackle the issue.

Mr Laing is a regular at the allotments which were offered up in 2012.

But he said: “Sheds have been damaged as people have tried to break into them.

“There are only three greenhouses there - and all three have been vandalised over the past year.

“I reported it to the police but I don’t hold out much hope in catching the culprits. They said they would have the community officer walk by more often but they can only do so much.”


Mr Laing said he uses his allotment, which he rents from Fife Council, regularly and has also been involving members of his family.

He said: “I live in Glamis Road so it’s convenient.

‘‘I go a couple of times a week at the moment but during the summer months I’m there every night and at the weekends.

“I’ve been taking my granddaughters up, and trying to teach them what the benefits are of growing your own, so when something like this happens it’s very disheartening.”

Mr Laing said that the shock of the damage, plus the resultant cost, made him initially think of giving up.

“It’s going to cost quite a bit to repair it as they totally wrecked it,” he said.

“There were 27 panes of glass and every one was smashed. Each one will cost £4-5 to replace. I did seriously consider packing it in at first, but now I’m determined to keep going.


“I’m not going to let them win.”

Peter Duncan, Allotments Officer for Fife Council, said:”We’re concerned to hear of the damage caused because we know how much work the owners have put into the allotments at Glamis Road.

“We’re committed to helping address this problem in any way we can and will work together with Fife Police and allotment owners to plan how best to tackle this issue.”