Anger as cat killed by air rifle pellet

Cleo was killed by an air gun pellet in Burntisland on Saturday afternoon
Cleo was killed by an air gun pellet in Burntisland on Saturday afternoon

THE HORRIFIED owner of a cat killed by an air gun pellet in Burntisland has offered a reward to help catch those responsible.

Tane Piper (29) told the Press he was shocked to discover his beloved five-year-old pet, Cleo, had been shot by an air weapon and he now wants to help police track down the culprits so it doesn’t happen to anyone else’s cat.

Tane said the incident happened at around 4.30 p.m on Saturday.

“We had just been out at the shops getting some treats for our cats. I saw Cleo about 20 minutes before it happened and she was running around as normal,” he said.

“But 20 minutes later when I called her in for a treat, there was no sign of her.


“As soon as I opened the front door I saw her staggering at the bottom of the stairs in our garden. At first I thought she was just tired but then I saw the blood on her legs and neck.

“We called a vet but she died before the vet arrived. It took her around 40-50 minutes to die and it was horrible.

“I thought she had maybe been attacked by another animal or been hit by a car but it wasn’t until the vet did a port-mortem that we found out she had been shot by an air rifle.

“It’s upsetting enough when a pet dies from natural causes but to find out she was shot is awful.

“To think there is someone in the area with an air rifle is worrying, especially as there are a lot of cats in our street.”

Tane is offering an £1000 reward for information which leads to a successful prosecution.

He added: “I want to find out who is responsible so they are caught and can’t do this to another cat.”

This is the second incident in recent weeks involving cats being shot by air weapons.

On August 11, a Townhill resident discovered her two year old tortoiseshell cat lying injured outside her home. The cat later died and the cause of her injuries was also an air weapon.


Fife Police’s wildlife and environmental crime co-ordinator, Ian Laing, said: “These incidents cause a lot of unnecessary distress to the animals and their owners but over and above that there are concerns with air weapons being discharged in residential areas.

“For those reasons, we will be conducting extensive enquiries and would seek the assistance of the communities involved in locating those responsible and ensuring they are dealt with appropriately.”

Contact Fife Police on 0845 600 5702.