Anger at bus route change

Yet more changes to local bus services have angered some residents.
Yet more changes to local bus services have angered some residents.

Criticism has been aimed at Fife Council and Stagecoach over changes to one of the main bus services in the East Neuk.

The number 95 daytime service from Stagecoach now no longer covers Earlsferry, Inverie Street in St Monans, plus the Community Hospital and Younger Gardens in St Andrews, while the number of journeys serving Crail’s Pinkerton Road has been reduced.

Diane Keir, of St Monans, said the route had been a lifeline to some people for visits to doctors and shops, and the move was taking services away from them. A number of them were quite isolated and the bus could be an important form of contact, she added.

The Council and the bus company indicated each other was responsible in part for the changes.

Colin Hamilton, Fife Council’s service manager in passenger transport services, said: “As Stagecoach is now operating Monday to Saturday daytime journeys on Service 95 on a commercial basis, by law the Council can no longer subsidise the route. However, we will continue to subsidise the existing evening/Sunday route.

“To assist travellers with these changes, Earlsferry and Inverie Street residents can phone to arrange Go-Flexi Taxibus travel.”

A spokesman for Stagecoach said service 95 was among a number revised last week.

“Service 95 was partly subsidised by Fife Council, which included the sections of route into Earlsferry and St Monans, and it is changes made by Fife Council to this contract which have meant these villages are no longer served from this date, other than the main road (A917).

“The main service is provided commercially by Stagecoach and we have maintained the frequency of service, with Fife Council continuing to support the evening and Sunday journeys.”