Anger at Council’s stance on Glenwood

Glenwood Centre
Glenwood Centre

A prominent Glenrothes councillor has criticised the lack of progress over tackling the issue of the town’s dilapidated buildings.

Councillor Peter Grant, leader of the SNP opposition, has also called into question the Labour administration’s so called ‘zero tolerance’ stance which he says is “non-existent”.

Speaking at this month’s Area Committee Mr Grant said: “We remember the blaze of publicity across the media and the Council’s website and the zero tolerance approach to this issue and that we are tackling this problem.

“We, on behalf of the local community, highlighted properties yet it has taken three and a half months before those causing the problems even received a letter doesn’t seem like zero tolerance to me.”

Members were being presented with the first progress report relating to a number of dilapidated buildings across the Glenrothes area earmarked for attention.

Fellow councillor Fiona Grant added to the criticism saying: “The report is weak and doesn’t fill me with confidence that this committee is going to keep a grip on what is actually happening with these properties.”

Labour councillor and committee chairman Altany Craik refuted the claim, saying that several of the buildings has been in a dilapidated state for decades with successive administrations having done nothing to broach the problems until now.

There has also been widespread condemnation from residents and tenants to Fife Council’s reference to Glenwood Centre becoming rundown but not a key focus for attention because it was not deemed in ‘a prominent location’.

Bob Hutchinson, a trustee of St Ninian’s community cafe and shop which is situated in the Centre said he was “disma yed by the Council’s apparent attitude towards Glenwood.

“The report confirms that Glenwood seemingly doesn’t hold an important position within the town and is therefore not a priority, I’m dismayed by this attitude which is inappropriate,” he said.

“Several politicians used Glenwood as backdrop leading up to the last Council election yet have delivered nothing for the area since.”