Anger at travellers in Kirkcaldy park

Travellers in Ravenscraig Park
Travellers in Ravenscraig Park

Dog walkers, parents and footballers in Kirkcaldy have expressed their anger and disgust at travellers choosing to park next to playing fields at Ravenscraig Park.

A game arranged between two amateur football clubs for Saturday is also believed to have been cancelled because one of the seven vans which moved into the park on Wednesday night is parked right behind one of the goals.

The Press was contacted by angry residents on Thursday morning saying that there were a number of vans within the park.

And when we went down to investigate we discovered seven vans along with a number of cars parked around three sides of the playing fields.

While there we also witnessed one car drive at speed from the public car park down a footpath and straight across the playing fields to one of the caravans, just feet from where a group of youngsters were playing football.

One of the park gardeners said the vans had moved in on Wednesday around 8.00 p.m. and there were still more down on the nearby Ravenscraig Sands.

“People have been complaining to me all morning,” said the gardener, and all I can do is pass on these complaints to my boss to pass on to those who deal with the matter in the Council.

“The only way they could get into the park is from the public car park and across public footpaths.”

Kirkcaldy Rovers is the amateur team which plays its home games at Ravenscraig Park. It’s game on Saturday is facing cancellation because of the nearby caravans.

Archie Denny, executive secretary of Fife Amateur Football Association, described the situation as “frustrating.”

“Our season is coming to an end in a couple of weeks, and if the game has to be cancelled it is difficult for us to move things about,” he explained.

June Baxter (64), from Kirkcaldy, said: “I haven’t been here recently, and I am really shocked that they have chosen to camp on a public park.

“I have a mobile home and I would never dream of doing something like that. There’s a perfectly good camp in Thornton and they should be using that one.”

On seeing the car driving across the playing fields, she added: “I can’t believe I just saw that happening – I’m flabbergasted!”

Douglas Dalgety (55), from Edinburgh was at the park with grand-daughter Hayden (4).

He said: “The Council should be taking action to stop this. We come here every week and it’s a lovely park which should not be used as a travellers’ camp.”

Another couple, who did not wish to be named, added: “They should not be in a park which ratepayers are paying for and they are paying nothing, running across the grass and spoiling it for the park users.

“It will put people off using the park.”

Pete Farrell, travelling persons site manager confirmed that the travellers had moved on from the Ravenscraig Sands area overnight to Ravenscraig Park.

He said: “Today we secured a court ruling that allows us to forcibly evict from the land. Officers will be on site this afternoon to action this enforcement notice which will hopefully see the area cleared later today or tomorrow.”